Lau Pey Kee 刘培基

(B. 1947 – 2021)

Dr. Lau Pey Kee was born in Anxi, Fujian Province, and went to his grandfather’s house in Sabah, Malaysia, in 1948. In 1952, he came to Singapore, graduated from Guanghua Primary School and attended De Ming  Government Chinese Middle School. The art teacher of that year was Mr. Liu Kang. His mother found that he was very interested in painting, every weekend to send him to Mr. Liu in his “Tomorrow” art studio, until junior high school graduation. The physics teacher in high school has enlightened him to go into the scientific research. After graduating from the Department of Electrical Engineering at the National University of Singapore, he went to the UK to study for a PhD in Microwave Communications. He worked at Nortel in the area of satellite communications, fiber optics, influence factor research, etc. until his retirement. Most of his paintings are sketches and pastel paintings, with a master’s style, which is precious.

刘培基博士出生于福建安溪,1948年到马来西亚沙巴外祖父家。1952年来到新加坡,小学毕业于光华小学,中学就读德明政府华文中学。当年的美术老师正是刘抗先生。母亲发现他对画画很有兴趣,每逢周末送他到刘抗先生在布连拾的“明日”画室画画,一直到初中毕业。高中的物理老师开启了他对科学研究的视野,他自认专心一致方能学有所成。他从新加坡国立大学电子工程系毕业后,到英国进修微波通讯博士学位。之后就一直在加拿大渥太华 Nortel (Ottawa, Ontario) 从事卫星通讯、光纤、影响因子研究等,直到他退休。留世画作多为素描和粉画,有大师风范,弥足珍贵。

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Dynasties Antique & Art Gallery, 18 Boon Lay Way, #08-124, TradeHub 21, Singapore 609966

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