Tan Chong Beng 陈重铭

(B. 1952 – )

Chen, 62, won the Commendation Award for his acrylic artwork (Art Vientiane). 2015, 33rd UOB National Painting Competition  

Mr. Chen is a self-taught artist He grew up struggling to grow up in “Garang Guni” (buying and selling old goods). For more than 50 years no one taught, no one to pay attention to, like a cow insist on life, but he has a spiritual passion for painting and ideas. He was inspired to draw a work, many layers of acrylic paints, across the golden lines of the picture, tending to abstract painting. Influenced by the American painter Jason Pollock. Colorful and bright, the line changeable dream is his free-flowing performance of the realm. 


2015年 第33届大华银行全国绘画比赛


他从小就在“加龙古尼” (买卖旧货物)的生活中挣扎成长。50多年来没人教,没人睬,像一头牛坚持的生活,但是他精神上有对绘画的激情与想法。他灵感一来就要马上画出一幅作品,作品是一层层交叠的胶彩,横跨画面的金色线条,趋向于抽象画。深受美国画家杰逊波洛克的影响。色彩丰富亮丽,线条多多变的梦幻是他一种自由奔放的表现境界。

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Dynasties Antique & Art Gallery, 18 Boon Lay Way, #08-124, TradeHub 21, Singapore 609966

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