Tan Choo Kai 陈子凯


Tan Choo Kai 陈子凯

(B. 1937-2021)

Singapore Artist

I live nature and its vitality. I hope to express the romance and the many nuances of nature with my painting brush and knife, and to evoke a resonance among viewers with graceful and exuberant colours.

I enjoy landscape painting tremendously and I am devoted to depicting the beauty of nature and to infusing my paintings with emotion and aesthetic idealism with a view to evoking the empathy of the viewing public. I sketch from life and travel widely to observe, experience and create with the mind and eye of an artist in order to invoke the subliminal romance of the nature and to reflect its charm and physical beauty.




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Dynasties Antique & Art Gallery, 18 Boon Lay Way, #08-124, TradeHub 21, Singapore 609966

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