Ai Dan Qiu 艾丹秋

(B. 1946 – )

1946 Ai was born in Shenyang, China.

1985 She graduated from Liaoning University, majoring in Chinese Language and Literature.

1990 She participated in a Liaoning Traditional Chinese Painting Research Training Program, which she completed in 1990.

2000 Ai won the second prize in the Shenyang Painting Contest with one of her finest piece of works the “Peony”.

2001 Her “Peony Melody” was selected for the exhibition of the Best Art in Liaoning.

2003 One of her paintings “Peony Chant” won her a Bronze Award in the Zhongshan Cup Art Composition.

2004 Danqiu’s “Red Peony” was chosen for the Liaoning Art Exhibition.

2005 Her “Peony in Full Bloom” was selected for the first Liaoning Province Female Artists’ Art Exhibition.

Ai Danqiu is an active member of several professional artists’ bodies, i.e. The China Artists Association (Liaoning Branch), the Shenyang Artist Association as well as the Zhongshan Painting and Calligraphy Research Society. As a devoted artist and educationist, Ai was accredited many times by the Chinese government for her outstanding contribution to the community and her professional achievements. Ai was greatly inspired and influenced by her teacher Song Yugui, the great master painter of traditional Chinese ink and brush painting, who is an expert in landscape as well as flowers and birds painting.

Ai Danqiu’s solo art exhibition was held in Singapore from 2nd to 12th February in 2007. Her 2nd solo art exhibition in Singapore was held at the atrium of “The Village” at Jurong Hill in February 2009.

艾丹秋女仕 —— 中国画家,潜心于牡丹国画创作。

1946 出生中国沈阳市。

1983 毕业中国辽宁犬学中国语言文学系,主修中国语言与文学。

1990 毕业于辽宁省国画研修班。

2000 作品“牡丹”荣获中国沈阳市艺术绘画大赛2等奖。

2001 作品“牡丹颂”入选中国辽宁省美术精品展。

2003 作品“牡丹吟”荣获中国辽宁中山艺术比赛铜奖。

2004 “红牡丹”入选中国辽宁美术展览会。

2005 “烂漫”入选中国辽宁省首届女画家艺术作品展览会。


丹秋深受当代中国著名传统,写意,山水画大师宋雨桂老师的启发和教诲。艾丹秋又于2007年2月2日—— 12日在新加坡举办个人国画展。

艾丹秋又于2009年2月在新加坡裕廊山“The Village”大厅举办个展。

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