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Llyod Zhao Hong 赵宏
Lloyd Zhao Hong, is a local ink artist, art critic, curator, and special contributor to two local magazines, also a member of the Language Panel of National Gallery Singapore, and a Permanent  Advisor of Federation of Art Societies of Singapore. 赵宏,1967出生于中国北京,2011年南来新加坡。之前曾出任中国国家文物局所属中国文物保护基金会副秘书长、山东青州博物馆名誉馆长、北京人民广播电台特邀文化遗产类节目专家、 北京今日美术馆副馆长、中国文化部所属国宝工程专项基金主任助理(与保利集团合作完成圆明园十二生肖猪首铜像从海外回归以及世界文化遗产龙门石窟北魏及唐代佛首从海外回归)。 赵宏自幼随父学习书法,后拜师学画并经中央美院及中国艺术研究院多位名师指点。定居新加坡后,曾在80 Gallery 及

A boat on a moonlit night 月夜一舟

Zhang Zhi An 张志安
Zhang Zhi An was born in 1964, alias Ruo Su, is a native of Chong Ming Island, Shanghai. He graduated from the Art Department of Shanghai Teacher Training University. He is a member of the International Chinese Artist Association. He has held solo exhibitions

Venice's San Marco Small Pier 威尼斯圣马可小码头

Au Yeung Hing Yee 欧阳兴义
Au Yeung Hing Yee (Singaporean Artist) entered Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China, at the age of 10 and studied there for 11 years. Graduated in 1967, He has been works in Fine Arts, television movie and newspaper in Beijing Arts Academy, Hong
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Dynasties Antique & Art Gallery, 18 Boon Lay Way, #08-124, TradeHub 21, Singapore 609966

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