Chan Yan Lik 陈人力

(B. 1941 – )

Chan Yan Lik was born in 1941. Currently a member of the Association of Chinese Artists (Shanghai), he is also the Art Consultant for the Academy of Ceramics of Jiang Xi province (China) and the Art & Culture Association of Tsim Sha Tsui & Yau Ma Ti district, Hong Kong. Chan’s keen interest in Chinese art painting at a very young age has propelled his art career through various stages and eventually led to his well-matured style. In the process of developing his style, he followed top contemporary artists, namely Huang Huan Wu, Lu Yan Shao, Chen Shi Fa, Ying Yai Ping and Tang Yun. Through these cross-learning and experiences, he has built up solid artistic skill and allowed himself to develop his own style further through the effect of “Kaleidoscope”. His artistic approach can be characterised in the following forums: the remote sentiment of the Song and Yuan Dynasty, the boldness of the Ming and Qing Dynasty, the brightness of the Ling Nan School, and the outlandish style of the Overseas School. The blending of these various styles eventually united in his works in both form and spirit without sacrificing their own individual characters. In Chan’s early years, he followed Chinese painting master Huang Huan Wu. Under his tutelage, Chan was able to conceptualise that the beauty of a painting was based on the “Bone” of the picture — the perfect “Touches”. As his style progresses, Yan Lik has sought a more profound expression in the “Treasure” of the Chinese Classical paintings.



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