Chen Lian Jun 陈连军

(B. 1961 – )

Chen Lianjun, the oil painter, was born in 1961 in Fushun City of Liaoning Province in China. He graduated from the Luxun Academy of Fine Art in 1986. Two years later Chen successfully applied to the Central Art Academy in Beijing for the postgraduate study of an associate lecturer’s course. Chen was an appointed artist at the Liaoning Art Academy. Currently, as a member of the Chinese Artist Association and the Chinese Plate Etching Art Society, the oil painter is also an associate professor of the Liaoning Fushun Educational College.

His works were exhibited in some major art exhibitions such as the 7th and 8th National Art Exhibitions; the Sceneries of China Art Exhibition; and the Asia Art Exhibition in Japan, among others. Dynasties Antique & Art Gallery in Singapore has successfully held three solo art exhibitions for Chen. His “Beiguo Jiangnan” Oil Painting Exhibition was held in the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre; he simultaneously published an art book Oils by Chen Lianjun. Collectors of Chen’s art include art museums, private organisations and individuals.

The Government of China has accredited the artist twice with prominent cultural awards for his remarkable contributions to the art community and his professional achievements. Certainly, Chen is one of the most influential realistic style oil painters in contemporary China.

陈连军,1961年生于辽宁抚順, 1986年毕业于鲁迅美术学院, 1988年考禾中央美术学院 助教进修班,会篇辽宁画院特聘画家,现为辽宁省抚顺市教师进修学院美术教研员,副教授,中国美术家协会、版画家协会会员。

作品参加《全国第七届美术作品展》、《全国第八届美术作品展》、《中国风景画展》、日本 《亚洲艺术展》、孟加拉《第三届亚洲艺术展》、臺湾《大陆青年版画家大展》、中国美协《当代版画家邀请展》、《全国版画展》等重要展出活动。

  • 2004年6月新加坡宣和文物主办  《陈连军油画展》
  • 2006年12月新加坡美术总会、宣和文物主办  《陈连军油画展》
  • 2006年新加坡宣和文物出版  《陈连军油画作品集》
  • 2007年3月新加坡宣和文物主办  《古韵水乡情——陈莲军油画展》
  • 2008年9月香港视觉艺术中心举办  《北国…江南——陈连军油画展》
  • 2008 年新加坡宣和文物出版《陈连军油画作品集》


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