Choo Keng Kwang 朱庆光

(1931 - 2019)

朱庆光先生生于1931年,一名土生土长的资深画家朱庆光先生,从殖民地到独立之建国时代,风云的经历,社会生活的体验,一步一脚印,长期的实践中研磨出深厚扎实的写实功力。画家年轻时在乡村从事教育工作,生活纯朴,热爱大自然,他画作的体裁取自现实生活和自然景观,农村里的生活景物,花草、树木、小鸡、小狗、游鱼、走兽、尤其 是鸽子,是他的代表作, 他为捕捉鸽子的各种神态,还特地做了一个大笼子,养了十多只鸽子,画出一幅幅和谐精美栩栩如生的鸽子。


Born in 1931, Mr. Choo Keng Kwang, a native-born senior painter Mr. Choo Keng Kwang from the colonial to the independence of the founding era, the experience of wind and cloud, social life, step by step, grounded in long-term practice Profound and solid realism skills. When he was young, the painter was engaged in education in the countryside. He lived a simple life and loved nature. The genre of his paintings was taken from real life and natural landscapes. The life scenes in the countryside, flowers, trees, chickens, puppies, swimming fish, animals, especially It is a pigeon, his masterpiece. In order to capture the various attitudes of the pigeons, he specially made a large cage and raised more than a dozen pigeons, drawing pictures of harmonious, beautiful and lifelike pigeons. Mr. Zhu’s painting style has tropical customs and folk customs in Southeast Asia. The light and color structure of oil paintings are integrated in the works, showing romantic feelings and full of serene mood, giving viewers a warm and kind feeling, more distinctive is his old street markets in the 1950s and 1960s, such as: Chinatown, Chaozhou Street , Frost Bridge, etc., reflect the spiritual outlook of the time, record the changes of an era, and leave a historical chapter for future generations. In the 1970s, the post office also adopted four Chinatown works as first day covers and stamps to commemorate.


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