Ji Yu Jiang 纪玉江

(B. 1963 – )

Bornin1963 in Qingdao, China. He graduated from Faculty of State Design at Shanghai Theatrical Institute, currently working in Shanghai Opera House as a stage designer. Searching after searching, finally He is back to colours and canvas again. More than 10 years, he was immerging in the creation of television dramas; fine art painting was only compliance to his private mindset.

He has participated in “The Grand Shanghai Youth Art Exhibition”, “Nature as Teacher” – Shanghai Oil Painting Exhibition, “The Sea Breeze in April” – Shanghai Oil Painting Exhibition. He has made stage design for the following operas: “Sister Jiang”, “Vasilief Gaini.Aoniejin”, “Red Snowflake”.


1963年出生,青岛人。毕业于上海戏剧学院舞美系,现任于职上海歌剧院。寻寻觅觅,又回到布面油彩间。十余年,陈杂于戏剧电影的创作中,绘画仅属于自己私密的心灵守约。曾参展《上海青年美术大展》、上海《师法自然 . 油画展》、上海《四月海风 . 油画展》。歌剧作品:《江姐》、《叶普根尼奥涅金》、《红雪花》等。

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