Koeh Sia Yong 许锡勇

(B.1938 - )

Born in 1938 and having graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Art, He has been an illustrator and artist for over fifty years. Known for his unique artistic style and excellent painting techniques, he is one of the most outstanding and highly collected artists in Singapore today. 

Mr. Koeh had successfully held many solo exhibitions. 

In the 50s Mr. Koeh was exploring Wood Block Printings, Political Cartoons and Oil painting. He employs both realistic and expressive approach toward his paintings. His painting usually depicts the rich culture scene of Southeast Asia. And its people through his bold and unrestrained brush strokes. 

Mr. Koeh had live in Bali Island, Indonesia for years, producing numerous paintings that describe the indigenous conditions and custom of Bali. He also travelled extensively around the world in search his creative inspirations. 





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Dynasties Antique & Art Gallery, 18 Boon Lay Way, #08-124, TradeHub 21, Singapore 609966

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