Li Shuji 李树基

(B. 1943 – )


创作大量油画作品,以人物肖像为主。1992年应印尼总统苏哈托邀请,由外交部和文化部联合派出赴印尼为中印复交作画,并成功的举办了画展,先后3次受苏哈托总统及夫人接见和宴请,印尼总统府授予他“最高奖励”的奖状。之后又受到了梅加娃蒂总统,苏西洛总统的多次接见,并为他们画了多幅肖像作品,代表中国赠送。在新加坡又为李光耀内阁资政夫妇画像,为吴作栋总理画像,并受到他们的亲切接见,成为我国少有的被外国元首多次接见的画家。 2000年,应新加坡政府之邀创作了“华侨是革命之母”为主题的长6米高3米的《孙中山在南洋》的大幅油画,表现了孙中山在南洋的革命活动,画面庞大,人物达135人之多,耗时一年半。此作品被新加坡列为第一大画,定为镇馆之宝收藏于新加坡“晚晴园”孙中山纪念馆。兼新加坡南洋艺术学院客座教授作品,曾20多次参加国家级美术大展,一些油画作品在中国美术馆、新加坡晚晴博物馆都有收藏。


Born in December 1943, Dalian, Liaoning Province. In 1963, he was admitted to Shenyang Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, graduated in 1968 and was assigned to Liaoning Academy of Painting, and in 1987 graduated from the Oil Painting Techniques Course of Professor Binkas of the Paris Academy of Fine Arts, a member of the Chinese Artists Association, a national-level artist and visiting professor at the Nanyang Academy of Art in Singapore, and a national-level painter (professor). He is currently Vice President of Liaoning Painting Institute Business (until retirement). Since 1989, he has been active in Japan, Singapore, Indonesia and other European countries, engaged in cultural exchanges, oil painting and research. He lives in Singapore and Indonesia. 

Create many oil paintings, mainly portraits. In 1992, at the invitation of Indonesian President Suharto, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture jointly sent to Indonesia to paint for the Sino-Indian re-painting, and successfully held an exhibition of paintings, has been received and banqueted by President Suharto and his wife three times, the Indonesian Presidential Palace awarded him the “highest award” certificate. He was then received several times by President Megawati and President Susilo Bambang Yiddar, and several portraits were painted on behalf of China. In Singapore, he painted a portrait of Lee Kuan Yew’s cabinet, a portrait of Prime Minister Wu Zuodong, and received a cordial reception from them, becoming one of the few painters in our country who has been received many times by foreign heads of state. In 2000, at the invitation of the Singapore government, a large oil painting of Sun Yat-sen’s “Sun Yat-sen in Nanyang”, with the theme of “Overseas Chinese are the mother of revolution”, showed Sun Yat-sen’s revolutionary activities in Nanyang, with a huge picture of 135 people and a time of one and a half years. This work is listed as the largest painting in Singapore, as the treasure of the town hall collection in Singapore”, “Late Qingyuan” Sun Yat-sen Memorial Museum. He is also a visiting professor at Nanyang College of Art in Singapore, has participated in more than 20 national art exhibitions, and some oil paintings are in the collection of the National Art Museum of China and the Evening Fine Museum of Singapore. 

He has been to France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Indonesia and other galleries and museums around the world to study and study, learn from the creative experience of the world’s famous painters. Grasp the traditional Chinese painting concept, constantly absorb, integrate and pursue the national personality characteristics of oil painting, combine folk life customs with local characteristics, combine the form of Western oil painting, the essence of language with the spirit and temperament of traditional Chinese culture, combine the heritage of Realistic Chinese oil painting with the times, form their own personalized painting language on the art road, and create a series of realistic Chinese oil paintings with a new realm. 


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