Li Zhong 李忠

(B. 1963 – )

Mr. Li Zhong, also known as Zongxi, was born in 1963 in Nantong City, Jiangsu province. As a child he loved painting and took up landscape painting with Hu Zhende, a renowned master of northern Jiangsu in 1981. He worked with an art design company and Beijing Calligraphy and Painting Society in the eighties. While on a painting trip to Guilin in 1988, he had the good fortune of receiving guidance from well-known painters such as Yang Taiyang and Chen Yupu. In 1996, he enrolled in the Nanjing Art Academy to study Chinese painting, and in the following year became a private student of venerated landscape master Wang Zhongnian; he was Wang’s only student.

Li Zhong has won the gold award in the Chinese Art Cup Grand Competition and a First-Class award in the Exquisite Art Exhibition.  His name is featured in chapter one of the Dictionary of World-Famous Artists and in Selection of the Award-winning Art Works by World Famous Artists. He is currently a senior artist with the Shanghai Folk Academy of Painting and Calligraphy. His works have been exhibited in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, where they have been warmly received by collectors.


李忠先生,又名宗溪,江苏南通人。出生于 1963年, 自幼酷爱绘画。81年随苏北名冢胡振德专攻山水画,先后工作于通州市艺术造型公司,北京书画社。88年在桂林写生得阳太阳,陈玉圃等名家指教。96年入南京艺术学院深造。97年拜入著名山水画大师王中年门下,为其唯一入室弟子。

作品先后获中华民族艺术杯大赛金奖 , 艺术精品展一等奖,名录入编《世界艺术名人大典》 第一卷,世界名家艺术获奖作品精选集。现为上海民族书画院高级画师,院士。作品在新加坡、马来西亚、印尼等地展出,很受当地艺术界重视和欢迎。

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