Lim Tze Peng 林子平

(B. 1921 – )


早在上世纪60年代至70年代,他便多次参与了由非正式的画家团体Ten Men Group所举办的出国写生团,足迹踏遍东南亚和亚洲各地。1970年,林子平举办了生平首项个人画展。


Lin Ziping, one of Singapore’s most respected old painters, was born in 1923 and has had access to Chinese calligraphy since childhood but has never attended a formal art school. Over the years, through the exhibition of books, as well as the observation of the works of other painters, coupled with tireless efforts to study, he has made a great artistic achievement in the creation of oil painting and ink painting. After graduating from high school, Lin Ziping has been in the education field for 32 years. During his long teaching career, Lin Ziping has always maintained a strong interest in art. From the 1960s to the 1970s, he was involved in several overseas groups organized by the informal painters’ group Ten Men Group, traveling throughout Southeast Asia and Asia. In 1970, Lin Ziping held the first solo exhibition of his life. In 1981, Lin Ziping resigned as principal of Xinmin Primary School, then became a full-time painter, he has nostalgia, focusing on the exploration of Singapore landscape ink works and innovative traditional calligraphy concepts, his works are also perfect display of these, so it has been the academic community and the art market respect and love. Lin Ziping was awarded the Singapore Culture Award by the Government of Singapore in 2003 and again in 2016 with the Distinguished Service Medal, recognizing his contribution to the Singapore Arts Festival. 

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Dynasties Antique & Art Gallery, 18 Boon Lay Way, #08-124, TradeHub 21, Singapore 609966

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