Tan Er 陈耳

(B. 1917 –1998 )

Tan Er 陈伟尔


Singapore Artist

The pen name Chen Ear, our predecessor calligrapher. Born in Chenghai County, Guangdong Province, China. He came to Singapore when he was 19 years old, relying on his uncle to make a living. He had started studying calligraphy in his hometown, but was busy with business, so he couldn’t concentrate on the art until he retired at the age of 65. In 1989, he was awarded the Chen Jingzhao Calligraphy Award, which was a turning point in his life, and he was encouraged to study calligraphy more diligently since then. His love of calligraphy soon prompted him to combine calligraphy art and literature with greater enthusiasm; Devoted himself to the creation of poetry and pairing, and in the form of calligraphy art to express. He is very active in the calligraphy industry, having served as vice president of the Singapore Lions City Calligraphy Engraving Society, and served as a judge of calligraphy competitions. In addition to being exhibited regularly in Singapore, the works have also been exhibited in China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Malaysia.


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Dynasties Antique & Art Gallery, 18 Boon Lay Way, #08-124, TradeHub 21, Singapore 609966

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