Wang Li Suo 王利锁

(B. 1953 – )

Wang Li Suo was born in Jinzhou City, Hebei Province in 1953, graduated from Hebei Normal University, the Department of Fine Arts and Beijing Academy of Painting students. He is currently the President of Jinzhou State Painting Institute, the President of the American Association, and the Vice Chairman of the Federation of Arts and Culture. National-level artist, visiting professor of Oriental Academy of Fine Arts, Shijiazhuang 10th National People’s Congress representative. In December 1994 and August 1997, two exchanges were held in Singapore, and a solo exhibition was held at the National Art Museum of China in November 1995 to hold the “Wang Li Suo Colour Ink Painting Exhibition” published by Beijing Arts and Crafts Press in 1996. Three works, such as Taihang Jin Qiu, were selected for the art exhibition organized by the Chinese Artists Association and compiled into the album. “Water Country Series” and other 12 works to participate in the National Painting Collection exhibition held in Los Angeles, the United States. “Water Township” participated in the Beijing Academy of Painting Students Art Exhibition: “Jiangnan Residents” to participate in the 40th anniversary of the Beijing Academy of Painting, the Academy of Fine Arts celebration exhibition. His works have participated in various exhibitions and won awards, some of which have been collected by domestic and foreign leaders and several art galleries, galleries, and collectors. Profiles earn multiple celebrity dictionaries.


1995年11月在中国美术馆举办 “王利锁彩墨画展”

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