Xiao Jian Zhong 肖建忠

(B. 1964 – )

Xiao Jian Zhong, born in Fuxin of Liaoning Province in 1964. He completed his fundamental education at the Fuxin Teachers’ Training School in 1983. Graduated from the Fine Arts Division of Chinese Painting Department at Luxun Academy of Fine Arts with bachelor’s degree in 1991. Began teaching at the Liaoning Provincial News and Publication Schools in the same year.

Jianzhong held an art exhibition in the year of 2001 for Meticulous Flower Art Exhibition in Singapore. He has received various awards. Jianzhong’s publications including “Fine Classical Relief”, “Children Learning Art”, “Study Fine Art-Meticulous Peony”. He was the Former Editorial Director of Liaoning Fine Arts Publishing House for “Art Vision”. Jianzhong is currently the professor of the Visual Communication Department at the Liaoning Economic Technical College.

Mr Xiao accumulated of traditional culture, and the new ideas of the times. Inside the flowers, the peony is special: prosperous, beautiful. The image of peony in Chinese history is too rich, especially in traditional Chinese culture: plump, gorgeous, rich and exquisite. People’s feelings about peony flowers are also quite strong pure. In Xiao Jianzhong’s pen, the pen presents, the spirit of peony into the higher level. He has published  “Chinese painting techniques, pen peony” book, it’s very classic. He also drew lotus flowers and other themes of the pen flower bird painting, meaning auspicious, full of images. Be careful during the drawing process. Cautious state, therefore, in the process of painting the pen flower bird, very refined, very heart-raising.


肖建忠生于1964年, 他经历了鲁迅美术学院中国画系的严格训练,做过辽宁美术出版社的编审,现世任辽宁经济职业技术学院视觉传达系的主任、教授,看遍世界各国的绘画潮流,兼收并蓄,博采众长,才能让肖建忠在坚守传统和发扬传统上画出自己的面貌:既有传统文化的积淀,又有时俱进的新意。花卉里面,牡丹是特别的:繁盛、美好。中国历史上有牡丹的意象太丰富了,特别是在中国传统文化中:丰满、艳丽、富贵、精致。人们对牡丹花的感情也是相当浓烈纯粹。著名画家肖建忠,绘画工笔牡丹。在肖建忠的笔下,工笔呈现,牡丹的精神才是上一层楼。他曾出版发行了《中国画技法、工笔牡丹》一书,很经典。 他还绘制了荷花和其他题材的工笔花鸟画,寓意吉祥,形象饱满。工笔绘画过程中要伴之以小心。谨慎的状态,所以,在工笔花鸟的绘画过程中,很精气,很养心。

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