Zhang Wen Chang 张文昌

(B. 1939 – )

Zhang Wenchang, male. Born in 1939 in Jiangsu Qidong, 1962 Jiangsu Province Guohua graduation, color bird meticulous study, has the industry on Fu Baoshi , Benjamin . For decades, he has gone to many places to collect styles and sketches and jointly exhibited at home and abroad. His works are widely loved by domestic and foreign calligraphers, painters and collectors, and are collected by many domestic and foreign art galleries and museums.

Cooperated with Yu Jigao to paint huge works for the Great Hall of the People. He is a famous painter with the most potential in China (a famous fine brushwork painter who painted for the Office of the President of the People’s Republic of China). Now the Chinese Artists Association members, national artist, Chinese High Technology Division. The author’s art resume has been compiled into “Who’s Who of Contemporary Chinese Artists”, “A Dictionary of Famous People of Modern Chinese Artists”, “A Dictionary of Famous People in Painting and Calligraphy on Both Sides of the Taiwan Strait”. In August 1993, he was hired as a special painter of the Shenzhou Painting Academy of People’s Daily. In November 1996, the “Zhang Wenchang Fine Brush Flower and Bird Painting Exhibition” was held in Singapore, and his work “Yellow Spring” was collected by the Singapore Heritage Museum. 1996-1999 Painted “Songhe Picture” for Zhongnanhai Reception Hall and Jiang Zemin’s Office. The works “Spring Manchuria” and “Peony Double Life” are collected by Zhongnanhai and Tiananmen. In May 1999, he went to Thailand to participate in the “99 Chinese Artists Thailand Exposition”, and his work “Splendid Spring” won the “99 Chinese Artists Thailand Gold Award”. In September 1999, the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles approved it as the ’99 Chinese Top 100 Artist. He is the most promising middle-aged famous painter in China. In September 2000, he came out of the “Exquisite Collection of Zhang Wenchang’s Paintings and Calligraphy”. September 2004 Art Series Chinese celebrities editorial department issued the book industry .. “Integrity Award” November by the China International Painting and Calligraphy Institute , Chinese calligraphy art treasure Editorial Board of “Special Gold Award.” First live in Beijing Baihuayuan.



与俞继高合作为人民大会堂绘制巨幅作品,是国内最有潜力的著名画家(为中国国家主席办公室作画的著名工笔画家)。现为中国美术家协会会员、国家一级美术师、中国高级工艺师。 作者的艺术简历已编入《中国当代美术家名人录》、《中国现代美术 家名人大辞典》、《海峡两岸书画名人大辞典》。1993年8月聘为人民日报社神州画院特聘画师。1996年11月于新加坡举办“张文昌工笔花鸟画展”作品“迎春”,被新加坡文物馆收 藏。1996-1999为中南海接待厅及江泽民办公室作画《松鹤图》。作品《 春满神州》、《牡丹双寿》被中南海天安门收藏。1999年5月在赴泰国参加“99中国艺术家泰国博览会”,作品《春光烂漫》获“99中国美术家泰国金奖”。1999年9月中国文联批准为’99中国百杰画家。是国内最有潜力的中年著名画家 2000年9月出自《张文昌书画精品集》。2004年9月艺术中华名人系列业书编辑部颁发的..“诚信金奖”11月获中国国际书画研究院,中国翰墨艺术宝库编辑委员会“特别金奖”。先居住北京百花园。

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