Zhang Xing 张省

(B. 1955 – )

 Professor Zhang Xing, was born in Kunshan Jiangsu Province China in 1955. In the 1970s he learned skills and techniques respectively from masters Zhang Jixin, Chen Dayu, Qian Juntao, Liu Haisu and in the 1980s he studied in Yangzhou Art and Craft School, Chinese Painting and Calligraphy University, Tsinghua University Art Institute. Presently he is a member of Jiangsu Committee China Democratic National Construction Association, member of the Peasant and Worker Democratic Party, Guangzhou Zengcheng standing committee member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, executive vice chairman of the Chinese Artist Federation, academic committee member of the Chinese Painter and Calligrapher Title Appraisal and Evaluation Authorized Committee, member of Chinese Artist Association, honorary chairman of Association of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting, Chinese Expert Committee member of the International Commercial Art Designer, expert committee member of the Chinese Folk Collection Appraisal Committee, vice president of People’s Traditional Chinese Painting Academy, president of China Oriental Traditional Chinese Painting Academy, tenured professor in Guangzhou University, national first-class artist, professor with the state council special allowance. In 2005 the Culture Ministry of China awarded him the title — People’s Outstanding Artist and he is the torch bearer of the 16th Asian Games.

        He has been introduced as a special topic in CCTV, Shanghai TV, Singapore TV, US Scola TV, Guangdong TV and so on respectively.

More than 40 kinds of art works have been published in Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House, Tianjin People’s Art Press, Shanghai Sanlian Bookstore Publishing House. 

     His 73-meter-long ink and wash painting Misty Rain in the South of Yangtze River was collected in the Guinness Book of World Records. In March 1998, Zhang Xing’s painting Morning Songs from Fishing Boats was selected by the Hong Kong government as a gift to American President Bill Clinton, and on Nov 6, 2007, his painting named Great Achievement was given to former British prime minister Tony Blair as a national gift.

 His exhibitions have been held in different counties, cities and regions for over twenty times, such as Shanghai City, Shandong Province, Jiangsu Province, Guangzhou City, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, the United States, Germany, Denmark, France, Japan, Malaysia and so on. His works Evening Songs from the Fishing Boats and Black Lotus were collected respectively by Chinese Federation General Office and the People’s Great Hall. His profile has been recorded in different famous books and dictionaries, such as “China Who Is Who”, “World Who Is Who”, “World Contemporary Famous Painting and Calligraphy Artists Dictionary”, “Who Is Who in the World Chinese Art and Literary Circles”, “Chinese Calligraphers Dictionary”, “Chinese Calligraphy Art Appreciation”. His works have been published in professional newspapers and magazines more than 400 times and many prizes have been won in the national art exhibitions. “Zhang Xing Art Gallery” was built by Jinxi Town People’s Government Kunshan City Jiangsu Province in 2001. And “Zhang Xing Art Museum”, 3,500 square meters, was set up by Luzhi People’s Government Wuzhong District Suzhou City Jiangsu Province in 2014.

张省 教授1955年生于江苏昆山,20世纪70年代求教于艺术大师张继馨、陈大羽、钱君匋,刘海粟。80年代就读及进修于扬州工艺美校、中国书画大学、清华大学美术学院。现为中国民主建国会江苏省委员会委员、农工民主党党员,广州增城区政协常务委员、中国美术家联合会常务副主席、中国书画家职称及润格审定委员会学术委员、中国美术家协会会员、中国书画名家协会名誉主席、国际商业美术设计师中国专家委员会委员、中华民间藏品鉴定委员会专家委员、人民书画院国画院副院长、中国东方国画院院长、广州大学终身教授,国家一级美术师,2005年文化部授予“优秀人民艺术家”荣誉称号,第十六届亚运会火炬手,享受国务院政府特殊津贴。



1994年创作的巨幅长卷《烟雨江南图》长73米、宽0.77米,收入吉尼斯记录。1998年 7月3日,香港政府选用他的作品《鱼舟晨曲图》作为礼品赠送给美国总统克林顿。2007年11月6日, 作品《硕果累累》作为国礼赠送给英国前首相布莱尔。


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