Llyod Zhao Hong 赵宏
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Chinese Landscape, Lion, Chinese ink on rice paper.

Artwork Description

Chinese Landscape, Lion, Chinese ink on rice paper.

Animal 动物, Landscape 风景
Artist Information

Lloyd Zhao Hong, is a local ink artist, art critic, curator, and special contributor to two local magazines, also a member of the Language Panel of National Gallery Singapore, and a Permanent  Advisor of Federation of Art Societies of Singapore.

赵宏,1967出生于中国北京,2011年南来新加坡。之前曾出任中国国家文物局所属中国文物保护基金会副秘书长、山东青州博物馆名誉馆长、北京人民广播电台特邀文化遗产类节目专家、 北京今日美术馆副馆长、中国文化部所属国宝工程专项基金主任助理(与保利集团合作完成圆明园十二生肖猪首铜像从海外回归以及世界文化遗产龙门石窟北魏及唐代佛首从海外回归)。

赵宏自幼随父学习书法,后拜师学画并经中央美院及中国艺术研究院多位名师指点。定居新加坡后,曾在80 Gallery 及 Art Gallery Victoria 画廊任馆长兼策展人,是新加坡国家美术馆 language panel 成员,负责美术馆展览文字的中英文翻译,也是新加坡佛教总会所属《南洋佛教》和新加坡宗乡总会的《源》杂志特约撰稿人,新加坡美术总会名誉顾问。目前专注于美术评论、新加坡美术史研究及新水墨文人画创作。


I am Zhao Hong, an ink artist, I have been practicing ink painting for many years. You may classify my works as the new ink literati painting. Here we have two concepts, the new ink, and the literati paintings.

The New ink is different from the traditional ink. Traditional ink has a fixed formula for composition, brushstroke techniques, coloring effects, etc. The details such as signing and affixing a private seal have quite a lot of specifications. The new ink is different, it can be included in the category of contemporary art. There are almost no special restrictions on how to do it. In many cases, it incorporates some elements of Western modernist art. Of course, it still emphasizes the characteristics of ink in essence. And mostly, it speaks the oriental.

Literati painting is another concept. The history of literati painting probably originated from the Song Dynasty in China. Previously, most Chinese ink paintings were done on silk, the paper was relatively rare at that time, and both mediums were very expensive. In the Song Dynasty, some about 1,000 years ago, breakthroughs were made in papermaking technology and a large number of papers could be produced. Therefore, scholars and fans who wished to express their talents could also have the opportunity to splash ink on papers at will. An important feature of literati painting is that it emphasizes the artistic conception and personal interest, but the technical details, such as brushwork, rubbing, composition, object image, etc., are not very strict. In modern times, the new literati painting movement emerged in China in the 1980s, which pushed the painter’s self-expression of emotion and interest to a new level. Of course, there is a very significant difference between Chinese ink painting and those of Western art. There are many differences in philosophy, Zen, or the understanding of science and aesthetics.

These works of mine are currently exhibited at Dynasties Art and Goshen Gallery. My subjects are mainly female characters. When you grow up to a certain age, you will find that in our world, too many things are meaningless and boring. You can have money, fame, and social status, but these are often passed away easily, and they don’t necessarily bring happiness and wonderful things. For me, beautiful females mean love, temperament, appreciation, and comfort, these are all very important things in life.





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