Aegean Sunset 爱琴海夕照

Au Yeung Hing Yee 欧阳兴义
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Au Yeung Hing Yee, Singapore Artist, Oil on canvas, Europe Scenery, Colourful, Landscape, Building

Artwork Description

Aegean Sunset 爱琴海夕照

Landscape 风景
Artist Information

Au Yeung Hing Yee (Singaporean Artist) entered Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China,

at the age of 10 and studied there for 11 years. Graduated in 1967, He has been works in Fine Arts, television

movie and newspaper in Beijing Arts Academy, Hong Kong and Singapore.


  1. Works of Au Yeung Hing Yee
  2. Remembrance of 60 Years in Art
  3. Xu Beihong in Singapore
  4. Nanyang Master Painter Li Manfeng


  1. Hong Kong And Macao Historical Customs Painting Exhibition 1982
  2. From Venice to South China Water Village 2005
  3. From Venice to Bali 2007
  4. Remembrance of 60 Years in Art 2016


  1. China National Children Protection Committee Art Award 1957
  2. Merit Award of Hong Kong Chinese Painting Competition 1981
  3. First Prize of Hong Kong Graphics Art Competition 1982
  4. Meritorious Prize of Singapore Ministry of Communications and Information Art

Competition &Exhibition 1987

  1. Grand Prize of Singapore Ministry of Communications and Information Art

Competition & Exhibition 1989

  1. Merit Award of IBM Art Competition & Exhibition 1988
  2. Dr. Tan Tsze Chor Art Award 1992
  3. Participated in Hong Kong movies “Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain”, “Shanghai Blues” 、”Esprit

d’amour”, “Queen Secret Order”, “Peony Pavilion” as arts supervisor. Nominee for the Best Art Director

of 1985 4th Hong Kong Film Awards.

This exhibition showcases 70 pieces of his works depicting the sceneries or portraits of Singapore, the

Himalayas, Bali and Europe and myth legend on oil, Chinese ink and acrylic.70 岁的的新加坡艺术家欧阳兴义,10 歲考入中央美术学院附中及大学学习 11 年,1967 年中央美术学院畢業


出版《欧阳兴义画集》、《艺术梦回 60 年欧阳兴义画集》、艺术家传记《悲鸿在星洲》、《南洋画伯李曼

峰》》等书籍画册 30 余册,及美术和诗歌、散文、游记文学作品一万多件。作品收录于 1987、1988 年《海



厘岛油画展》〔2007〕、《艺术梦回 60 年欧阳兴义画展》〔2016〕。

曾获中国保卫儿童全国委员会美术奖、香港平面艺术比赛笫一奖、香港中国画比赛优异奖 、

新加坡交通与新闻部美术比赛大奖、优异奖、IBM 美術奖、陈之初博士美术奖等獎項。


美术与特效美术设计,1985 年第四届香港电影金像奖提名最佳美术指导。

画展展出 70 幅油画、中国彩墨画及丙烯泼彩抽象画,描写新加坡、喜马拉雅山、峇厘与欧洲风景人物。

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Dynasties Antique & Art Gallery, 18 Boon Lay Way, #08-124, TradeHub 21, Singapore 609966

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